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Who is Ellie?

*Ellie provides music sessions including songs, rhymes and actions for nursery schools and pre-schools.

*Ellie is a songwriter.

*Ellie covers Sussex and Kent.


Eli & Jessie

Eliska Palfreyman

Eliška Palfreyman (Ellie) has been running her own bespoke music classes known as ‘Sing With Ellie’ for children aged 0-5 since 2012. She has collaborated with nurseries in London, Kent and Sussex. “I love sharing my passion for music with children,” says Ellie. 

“Writing my own songs for children is fun. The child within me tells me what to write about. Folk and rock’n’roll music both influence my songwriting. I like to go beyond the traditional nursery rhyme structure and expose children to slightly more complicated melodies and rhythmic changes. Their clever ears can take it all in. It gives me a joyful feeling when they want to hear my own songs, remember my lyrics and dance to my music. I am in the process of recording my debut album, which will be packed with many fun and educational songs.”

Eliška (Ellie) has always been interested in music and the arts.

She started with piano lessons when she was only 6 years old and after discovering LP’s with classic rock 'n' roll of the 50's and 60's, her interest shifted towards the guitar and singing.

By the age of 14, Ellie had formed a folk band and took part in numerous youth music festivals. Over the years, Ellie has recorded vocals on a number of musical projects of mainly rock, pop and folk genre.

After finishing her studies at art school, Ellie moved to Prague where she worked at Czech Radio. Ellie later on became a nursery teacher and it was then that she first started playing music for children.

In 2009, Ellie decided to move to London (Putney) after completing her studies in psychology and social sciences. She first worked as a nanny and then went back to teaching in the early years sector and worked for a nursery in Putney.

In 2013, Ellie moved to East Sussex and became a mum. She now has two children.


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