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About my Sing With Ellie album...

I have been writing my own songs and poems since I was little. They would often be funny songs that my cousins and I enjoyed performing for each other or our parents. It was then, when I worked as a nursery teacher, when the proper songwritting started. I would often wonder why I kept hearing the same songs at the nursery each day. ''Surely, children can take a lot more in!'', I thought. The first song came out and the children responed well! I realised that I could do it, I could write songs! After becoming a Mum in 2013, and watching my own children grow up, my songwriting has never been more inspired.

Sing With Ellie debut CD offers a collection of 32 fun, melodic and educational songs with focus on nature, animals and the environment as well as some topics that appear in the EYFS curriculum (such as 'people who help us', seasons, colours etc.). Children's favourite topics like dinosaurs or monsters also found their way onto my CD.

The CD was released in September 2019 and the physical coppies are now ready to buy for £7.99 with additional £1.50 for postage and packaging. To buy one, just pay via paypal (eliskapalfreyman@yahoo.co.uk) with your name and address as a reference. Alternatively, drop me a message to ellie@singwithellie.co.uk to arrange a different payment method. You can download it from iTunes here: https://music.apple.com/gb/album/sing-with-ellie/1488472931



Reviews...thank you for your feedback!

''K. got the CD today... it's on its second play already with her dancing to every song!'' - Mum of a 3 year old.

''We are proud to be friends with Ellie who has just brought out her debut CD of songs for 0-6 year olds entitled "Sing with Ellie". I can't recommend it highly enough. Packed with 32 original tracks of fun music for little ones written and performed by Ellie with a focus on animals, nature and the environment. We find ourselves listening to it repeatedly even before we have introduced it to our grandchildren!''

''I really like this. Peaceful, calming and beautifully simple!'' - review of the song 'Angel'

''Just to let you guys know how much Hugo is LOVING his birthday CD. We had it on in the car yesterday and ended up playing it all afternoon, during bath time and as his bedtime song!'' - a parent of a pre-schooler

''Ellie, I am enjoying your CD so much. I played it for myself today even when the kids were asleep. Each time I think: ''This is my favourtite song..'', another amazing song comes along, then another and another...they are all fabulous. It is beautiful, so sensitive, full of love and full of fun. It really touches your heart.'' - a Mum of 4 'underfives'!

''We listen to the last song on repeat every single night while she's going to bed. And the rest are her favourite songs in the car. She often talks about you and always gets excited when she sees your picture around her nursery.'' - Mum of a 2 year old.